Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Schooling Show

I completely forgot to update the blog for about a month... sorry! 

Louie and I had a schooling show at the end of March that went much better than expected!  3 blue ribbons!  Our judge was a fellow Sunborn instructor/rider, and she was as tough a judge as she is a rider.  We scored about 63% on each of our three First Level tests. 

Louie was a stinker the day before the show, but as usual, he pulled through for the show.  A small spring hurricane passed through the barn just before our classes, with raging wind and rains, but cleared up luckily just before our tests. 

Here are our videos, worth more than 1,000 words...

Test 1:
Test 2:

Test 3:

I was so pleased with my boy for cooperating like a good citizen.  Julie was pleased with our work as well, which makes me feel that all our hard work is worthwhile.

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