Monday, June 2, 2014

Schooling Show

We did it!  At the last minute I entered out in-barn schooling show with Louie this past weekend.  It was really fun and a little nerve-wracking.  I guess it had been a while since I'd experienced show nerves! 

I hadn't ridden basically since my lesson a month ago, except the night before the show, out of desperation.  He was really good for that long of a vacation!  Super responsive, listened to me, just like he never missed a beat!  The only way I could tell he was out of shape was by looking at the extra pounds he is carrying due to the beautiful lush pastures coming in this spring. 

We rode our tests back to back, First level test 2, followed by training level test 3.  Louie did really a nice, respectable job.  He didn't stretch well because he was nervous (he pooped, I swear, 8 times during our warm-up).  His extensions in First Level weren't fabulous, but they were half way okay given his lack of training in that department.  But what was really great was his lateral work.  Had that first level test not called for leg yielding, we would have scored a lot lower, but the judge gave us an 8 on one of them, with a double coefficient!  We also did well on our harmony and submission, and the judge wrote in the collective comments, "your horse loves you!" and she also told me this and that she thought Louie was very elegant at the conclusion of the rides.  So that was kinda fun.

Anyhow, he was a really good boy and it felt great to get back in the saddle and ride!  3 days in a row I ended up riding, so we're on a roll!