Monday, February 17, 2014

A Few Good Rides

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! 

We've had a nice string of decent rides mixed in over the past few weeks/months, when the weather is warm enough to ride.  We're experiencing one of Minnesota's coldest winters that I can remember, which is making riding quite difficult, to say the least. 

We had been having a little bit of a riding crisis a few months ago, toying with jumping, saddle seat, western, and a whole lot of other ideas, but Louie has kinda "bucked up" and shown me that he does perhaps want to be a dressage horse after all!  We haven't had time to commit to regular lessons lately as I'm only able to ride a few times a month, but once the weather warms up a bit and our travelling eases up, I envision getting back into the swing of things and maybe even going to a show this year!

Okay, I won't get too ahead of myself.  For now, happy riding!  And remember my two favorite quotes to live by:

"Practice makes better"

- and -

"Keep your goals high and your expectations low."

1 comment:

  1. A few times a month is better than I am doing right now! I could have ridden more before winter finally decided to show up and dump icy slushy snow on us....but with a 9 month old baby it was more about finding the time than lack of desire. Luckily my dressage lessons (once a week) are inspiring me and getting me excited to find a saddle so that I can start riding my gelding again! And spring is around the corner...knock on wood! ;)