Monday, November 26, 2012


It has been about 3 weeks since I've ridden, and I miss it a lot, though I must admit it's giving me more time to get stuff done around the house!  I've at least been out to visit, lunge, and groom Louie at least once a week since I stopped riding.  He's also been used for one lesson, which went well from the sounds of it.

In the mean time, I'm trying to clean out some old stuff from the house, and came across a giant box filled with ribbons and trophies from every horse show I've ever been to in my life. . . Okay, the box weighs about 40 pounds, and most of these ribbons are from horses I leased in the past or used to own (or currently own, but don't regularly show- ie. Cash and Jackson, our Tennessee Walking Horses). 

So, what to do with a giant box of ribbons?  Oh the memories. . . Well, most of them are sadly going to be thrown away, but I saved a few of the pretty ones and high point ribbons and made them into this beautiful wreath (cost me about $9 at Michael's craft shop).  I just have to decide if I'm going to trim the streamers off of all of them or leave them on these last two (as seen in the photo) attached.

Then, I kept all of Louie's ribbons from "official" shows- basically Saddlebred shows or rated dressage shows, and got rid of any WSCA or schooling show ribbons.  Since there weren't terribly many of them (compared to the amount in the giant box), I put them in a glass cylinder/vase, in which I can display them compactly, somewhere in our house. 

Sorry about the pictures, for some reason Blogger won't display them in their upright position as I had saved them.  Anyhow, now I just have to find a couple of places to put my new creations!


  1. I love the wreathe and vase! You could have donated your old ribbons though! I know a few of the therapeutic riding centers near me love to have old donated ribbons. :-)

  2. Thank you! I would love to donate them, but 99% of them have my name and all of the show info written on the back of the rosette. I tried to sort through them to find the blank ones, but came up with a total of about 6 ribbons. . . I would be happy to donate the trophies, but they also have plates on them with the saddle club name, date, etc, so they would have to be re-done somehow.

  3. Blogger and Facebook won't "honor" a rotate even if it's saved properly. I end up using the Snipping Tool to make a whole new file after I've rotated them.

    Love the ribbon ideas. There are so many good ones out there these days!

  4. Love the ribbon ideas, and I LOVE how you displayed them in the glass vase I think that, that looks really good. I love the idea of doing something like that but i only have two!

  5. No, I don't want to sell them, though my husband just asked me to make a wreath of his dog's competition ribbons. :D