Wednesday, June 6, 2012

St. Croix Dressage Show

I nearly forgot to write about our dressage show last weekend!

Well, I can say that the week leading up to the show was terrible- Julie rode him twice and he was bad for her, then he was bad at my lesson.  Then Julie rode him one more time the day before the show and I lunged him that night with the chambon on.  Well I think he was a little bit tuckered out by the time of the show, and he was quite cooperative and agreeable. 

We had a great warm-up at the show and completed our first test, Training Test 3, quite respectfully, in my opinion.  We came out with a 62.6% and some nice comments from the judge, who gave us 7's on our canters and 6's on our free walk and stretchy trot circle.  The video is in pieces, and is missing a little bit, but shows most of the test.

Our second test (Training 2) was decent, but I felt Louie was a little more "tough" to handle during this test.  He was a bit harder to downward transition and I felt as though I was pulling on the bridle more than I would like to.  Overall though, it wasn't a bad test.  We had a different judge for this and the next test, who seemed to be a little lower scoring than our first judge.  She gave us a 7 on the free walk, but only 6's on our canter work, and a 4 on our stretchy circle due to insufficient stretch downward.  We made up some points though with better scores on our trot work and straight center line halts.  We came out with a total of 60%. 

Our final test, Training Test 1, was definitely our best.  However, since we had the lower scoring judge, we didn't score that well, only a 60.625%.  In this test she gave us a 5 on the stretchy circle (better than the last time!), and a 7 on the free walk, 7.5 and 8's on our halts, and 6's on everything else. 

Overall, I was really pleased with Louie, I felt that he performed just as well as he has been at home, and he didn't give me any of the trouble that he had been demonstrating at home earlier in the week.  It was a great first recognised dressage show, we came out with a 3rd place and two 4th's (out of like 6-7 riders in each class!), which isn't too shabby, plus it was great experience and exposure.  My husband snapped a few photos that I think turned out kind of cute. 

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