Monday, May 21, 2012

Restful Preparation

It's field trial season again, so Louie gets a few weeks of light duty as we stay busy with the trials. 

In his down time, Louie is enjoying relaxing in the sun, eating acres of lush green pasture (yes, he is fat already. . . ), a massage, and the occasional ride (or in today's case- trail ride around the property!). 

Our first recognised dressage show is rapidly approaching- on June 2nd.  Since I'm missing 3 lessons, Julie is going to ride Louie 3 times in the week before the show.  So he will get 3 rides with Julie, then my lesson, then a bath and probably a little lunging and massaging the night before the show. 

Thankfully I have the tests pretty well memorized from having ridden them a few times now.  I know it's not a very traditional way to prepare for a show, but I'm hoping Julie's 3 rides, followed by my lesson and schooling the day of the show will be enough to get us back into the zone.

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