Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lesson 22: Jumping Lesson Two

Sorry this post is a bit delayed, but our second jumping lesson last week was good! 

We emphasized the need for a good walk warm-up, working on exercises to keep Louie between my aids. 

We had to ride in the indoor arena because it was pretty cold outside, so we couldn't work on as many bounces as last week, but got in some nice cavaletti lines followed by a single jump.  Louie did well with this and Julie thought he was actually not too bad over jumps, and uses his front legs really well. 

Nothing monumental in this lesson, but had a fun ride on Monday with my friend Jordan, who also rode Louie and I showed her the ropes of how to get Louie to relax into a nice dressage frame.  We had fun, Louie is a good boy!

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