Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Day

Bjorn came out to watch me ride and take some photos of Louie and me this weekend.  I had to bribe him, but he did it. 

We had a nice ride, worked over some cavaletti, which is not only fun, but good for both of us.  We only worked on walk-trot as by the time we were warmed up enough to canter, there was another horse in the ring- a brand new Arabian, first day at the farm, so with that and the cavaletti in the middle of the ring, I decided we didn't have enough room to work on it safely. 

I noticed that my form and my riding kindof went back to the way it was before I rode Prince in my lesson.  I paid attention to this, but I felt much more tight in my legs and my abs, more restricted than when I rode Prince.  I don't know whether this is because of the shorter stirrups I've got going right now in my hunt saddle, or if it's because I'm doing the perma-half-halt.  I tried to actively pay attention to releasing my stomach, but apparently I still stay curled up like a fetal monkey.  I think the forward nature of my upper body is related to the shorter stirrups, but the rounded shoulders have got to go.  I think what would probably help that is trying to keep my hands a little closer to my body (hence shoulders back) and keep my head up.  Julie can always tell when I've got a half halt on as my head is forward (and I'm curling my body into the letter "C").  Anyhow, without further ado. . .

A nicely forward trot:

 Louie going over cavaletti thinking he maybe should be a saddle seat horse:

Trotting past the scary door with a monster coming out of it:

Shoulder in at the trot:

The perma-half-halt in the trot:

Free walk:

Tracking up over cavaletti:

Reaching for cavaletti that weren't well timed (see how far back he started- look where his left hind leg is taking off from- that's a big step!)

A little above the bit here, you can see I've got my half halt on (you can tell by how scrunched my upper body is) and also my right (inside) hand is off the neck back by my knee, trying to bend Louie toward the inside to get him to stretch down:

Trotting along:

Approaching cavaletti, nicer hunter frame here, but a bit heavy on the forehand:

Nice reach over the cavaletti:
I also noticed in these photos that Louie looks like his back is up just a bit from before, you'll notice not a big dip in his back behind the saddle (just a little one), and you can also see that his right hind tracks up better than his left.  Well hopefully these cavaletti will help!

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