Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Boy

I went up to visit Louie tonight after work because I noticed that 3 of his legs were warm to the touch yesterday when I was out.  Though he didn't look or act sick or injured in the least, so I rode him yesterday, and we got some very nice forward!  Anyhow, I was a bit worried about him, so I went up to visit and he seems fine as usual, all 4 legs felt the same temperature tonight.  Who knows, my horse has been proclaimed "goofy" by more than one vet. 

Louie's mane has been wanting to part right down the middle for the past several months, like an Icelandic.  Maybe that means he's balanced and evenly muscled on both sides (doubtfully), but whatever it means, it looks kinda silly so I banded it on his right side tonight, in hopes to train it a little bit at least. 

He was a happy looking boy standing in the tack up area, though I'm pretty sure he was upset that he wasn't standing next to the round bale any longer.  He's already put on some weight and his hind end is starting to fill in again.  The topline is going to take some time, but it'll come. 

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