Monday, October 17, 2011

A Few Photos

I thought I'd attach a few of my favorite photos from the Hunter's Pace.  These are all in the video too, but I thought they needed a permanent place on the blog here as well.  Enjoy!

By the first corn field:

On our way back from being lost, a beautiful corridor:

Stopping by the beautiful golden shimmering field after the first jump field (none of which we jumped)

Lisa and Buster, our awesome partners!

The bridge we had to cross

Finish line!  Yay!  We made it!


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Hello Leah,

    It is great to see pictures of Louie in this and the following posts. He looks in great shape and happy. I am glad the riding is going well and you both are getting to enjoy the nice weather.

    The hunt and show work from the following posts look great as well. Congrats on your and Louie's success.