Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Show Photo and Future Aspirations

First I wanted to share this very nice photo that Courtney Church took of us from our Midsummerfest Horse Show a couple of months ago- hand galloping in our ASB Hunter Country Pleasure Stake Class- weeee!!

Second, all the hubbub about the Saddlebred Sport Horse Incentive Program has got me thinking.  I had a great ride on Louie on Monday, working on our dressage, and he was patient, relaxed, bending, and not giraffe-like in any way.  I guess our "back to the basics" ride last week where all I did was bend him for about 20 minutes, and focus on proper circles at the walk and trot helped.  We had such a nice ride that we worked on our dressage patterns a little bit.  Of course I couldn't really remember them so I made them up as best as I could guess.  Louie was awesome.  So awesome that I want to take him to a dressage schooling show soon.  Now of course I realized that I could have the same saddle seat wild hand galloping excitement that we had last week, but I can hope!

So, I found a dressage/jumping schooling show coming up in a couple of weeks to take Louie to, if everything goes as planned.  Then as I was browsing the Central States Dressage and Eventing Association calendar, I came across something else that sounded like fun- a Hunter Pace!  They have on the flat courses for beginners (their jumps are as high as 3'3" I think, which is too high for us), so I thought perhaps that would be fun!  Something that I've never done before.  All of these things have got me thinking that I want to take dressage and jumping lessons more than ever!  So I'm looking for options for the winter, as I had planned to either trailer Louie somewhere for lessons or move him to a stable where I could take such lessons for the winter.  Of course it's not winter yet, and I'd like to take him trail riding a few times first, as he's a great trail horse too!

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