Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorting It Out- Day Two

Things were more quiet at the barn today.  I think they were all tired and sore from over-exerting themselves yesterday.  I only noticed one chase, which involved Jackson and the mare, while I had Louie out to be groomed.  The mare is seriously attached to Louie, I'm thankful he is not as attached to her, I find it rather annoying the way it is as I have to ward her off every time I get near my horse, they are practically attached at the hip. 

I was a bit surprised to find that two of our three horses were lame today.  Any guesses which two??  I'll give you a hint, much to my surprise, it wasn't the Saddlebred.  That's right, I was sort-of mixed happy-sad to find that (happy that Louie was fine, sad that the other two were sore, but it serves them right, they were the ones doing the unnecessary and very mean chasing!).  I checked all 3 of them over, no obvious leg swelling, heat, tenderness, no rocks in the feet, etc, and it looked like Cash and Jackson were only mildly off.  I'm sure they'll shake it off in no time.  Jackson had a little swelling in his chest, where he had a hematoma earlier this summer, probably got kicked again, but Cash looked pretty clean, other than being due for a re-set on his front shoes.

Louie just had a little cut on his left front leg (from interfering I'm sure), swelling of his right jowel which is probably either from a kick or a bug bite (but no tenderness, no difficulty eating, no difficulty with the bridle, etc), and a rub on his cheek bone from his halter.  Overall, I was pretty impressed that he got out of the first day of introductions relatively unscathed, especially with the way they were running around yesterday! 

I took him out for a nice ride, just an easy ride of mostly walking and trotting, working on extensions too.  He was good.  Still needs a fair amount of reminding to relax, drop his neck, etc, but he's doing a nice job.  Now he'll have a few days off and hopefully he'll continue settling in to his new pasture.  I do have to say, if he was mellow before, he's really mellow now, not spooky or nervous, hardly grinding his teeth anymore, doesn't seem to be girthy anymore- I think this pasture life is a good thing for Louie! 

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