Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The New Stable

Well, so far so good, Louie thinks of his new home.  I moved him right after the show to his new home in Hugo, MN, just a small friendly stable with the basics- pasture turnout, fed once a day in a tie stall, outdoor riding ring, and a small indoor lunging space. 

My first impressions of Louie in his new home- he loves it.  When I go out to see him, he is brighter and happier than ever.  I think he's enjoying being able to move around and not be confined to a stall too, which I know is healthier for him.  So far I've long lined, driven, and ridden- once each.  The outdoor arena has got a fair number of rocks in it, but I know that the staff are working on improving it, and so far it hasn't been a problem (knock on wood!).  Louie likes this outdoor ring, it's got great views, and hardly any bugs.  When I rode last night, I didn't even put a drop of fly spray on him. 

We will get more photos of Louie's new home soon, but for now, I thought I'd post a few pictures that my husband took last night, what a gorgeous night for a ride!  Finally a break from the heat, just picture perfect riding conditions. 

Just as most horses take a little time to set in, so does Louie, so he's a little more stiff and not quite as soft/relaxed as he usually is, but he'll get there.

My husband with his funny photos. . . wow look how crooked my legs/saddle are! I hope it was just how we stopped/were standing!

Beautiful lighting, and a view of the pond beside the arena.

This is kindof a cool photo, I think he had it in sport mode, which must focus in the center and let everything else fall out of focus.  I can clearly see my equitation difficulties here.

A quick video he shot of us trotting in a circle, Louie looks pretty sound to me!:

I'll add more photos later.  Until next time, happy trails!

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