Thursday, August 11, 2011

More on The Stable

I promised more photos of Louie's new home, so here it is.  He has not taken advantage of all of the facilities yet, but in time. . .

The tie stalls, where the horses come in to eat once a day.  I love that they separate them for feeding, which allows each horse to receive a customized feeding plan, and is more than a lot of pasture boarding stables offer.

The indoor "arena," a small lunging space that is protected from the elements, allowing for at least a little bit of work to be done in the cold months of the year.

The other half of the barn, a few box stalls, which Louie will not be utilizing.  Unfortunately I didn't get any of the chickens or cats in this photo, they roam the farm and add a lot of character to the barn, not to mention great desensitization for the horses!

And the best part, acres and acres of grass pasture.

The outdoor arena, good size for riding or driving.

 And of course, friends.  Louie has met Cash, on the right, but has not really met Jackson, other than the show that they travelled to together.

Room to run!

Louie will have to figure out how to use an automatic waterer, but he's pretty smart, I don't expect him to have any trouble.

So here is Louie in his quarantine pen.  Another thing I love about this barn is that they have good quarantine practice.  Every new horse spends 2 weeks here before mingling with the herd, so that any disease that the horse might be carrying has time to incubate and show clinical signs.  So far, so good.

What a cutie!

Complete with new girlfriend.

And he's a happy horse.

Overall, I think Louie is really happy in his new home, but I know he is looking forward to getting out of quarantine and into the main pasture where there is lots of room to roam and grass to eat.  Only 3 days left! 

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  1. Looks like a nice tidy place. The only parts the horses care about are the pastures anyway!