Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coming Along

The horses seem to be getting along better now.  They're not exactly hanging out with each other, but at least I haven't seen any chasing or bad behavior in the past few days.  I found out why it was maybe so bad, the mare was in heat.  I think she must be out now because she's not quite as attached to Louie and life has settled down a little.  Though, I think Louie's got a new girlfriend in the big pasture across the fence, where he'll be going come fall- a Friesan.  She's pretty, and Louie has historically had good taste in girlfriends, his last one was a warmblood jumper.  Louie and the Friesan have been grooming each other over the fence, and she seems to be fairly protective, keeping her herdmates away from him. All in all, it's pretty cute.

I haven't ridden Louie much except to just hop on and toodleoo around a few days ago when Sandy came to visit.  I think we'll go for a nice trail ride down the road this week.  Louie has settled in and is really relaxed and calm, I'm tempted to drive him down the road, but I figure we better master riding before we attempt to drive anywhere!

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