Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer is Finally Here

It has been hot here in Minnesota for the past few weeks.  I guess, it is July.  Louie has been sweating pretty profusely when I get him out of his stall in the evenings.   So much that tonight I actually had to hose him down before working him. 

Louie was kindof an idiot with the hose bath today.  First he got himself into a situation caused by hunger and the desperate need to eat the grass in front of him, where his hind legs were straddling a plank that was resting up against the fence.  I'm sure you can predict what happened next.  Of course he took a step to the side, moved a hind leg only to meet the plank then had a brief spaz while he tried to free himself from the mess he got himself into. 

Only moments later he decided to walk forward over the hose, and got that stuck on one of his hind legs, and had the same reaction again.  This time he backed himself into the fence then stopped and thought, oh crap, now I've done it. 

Then after all of that drama he settled down and let me finish his hose bath.  After all of that fiasco we had quite a lovely drive.  For a while I was nervous about driving him with that attitude, but he did just fine.  Clearly we need to work on some desensitization to things around his legs. . .

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  1. Hello Leah,

    I am sure a little hot weather doesn't bother a champ like Louie. I have always said he is a great horse that you will have much success with. I am sure his soreness will be resolved with the great care and work you are doing.