Thursday, July 21, 2011

Puddles of Slobber

Louie had the farrier out today to put on new shoes- sans the pads.  He was exhausted from his past 3 nights outside fighting the bugs, so he stood in the cross ties and slept while Pat worked on his feet.  He was almost as sleepy as when he was sedated for his dental work- no kidding!  Well the weather has finally cooled off some today (84 degrees and much less humidity than the past week), and he gets to spend the night in his stall, so I bet he sleeps like a rock. 

Shortly after I brought Louie in we started to notice something strange.  Every few minutes, he would open his mouth and move his tongue around a bit and about a cup of drool would land on the floor.  It was so bad that I had to hold a rag under his mouth for the farrier to work on his front feet!  Nothing better than a hot drool bath. 

We think he must have been eating a lot of clover, which is known to cause excessive drooling.  I just hope that he stops slobbering in time for our show next week!  Well, if he doesn't, he'll have a very well lubricated mouth.  He was a little lethargic when I rode him today, probably because of the heat and bugs he faught the past several days, but I worry about him getting dehydrated from all that slobbering!

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  1. We've been dealing with the drool for a couple months now... if it's just starting for him, I think you are pretty lucky =D