Thursday, June 23, 2011

A New Gear

I heard Louie was a naughty horsie when he was turned out this morning.  So I told him he was going to get a hard workout today.  Well, I think I'm the one who got the hard workout, my legs are sore!

After warming up, we worked on simple lead changes several times in a row (probably 6-8 changes) in Figure-8's and Louie did great, he got all of his leads on the first try. 

Then I thought, I'm just going to experiment with something, so I picked his head up and asked him to step up into a saddle seat trot.  Much to my surprise, off he went!  He did pretty well, but couldn't really extend or keep going for long in a saddle seat frame.  Well, because I haven't worked him that way I'm sure.  I felt like his motor just died after about 2 laps like that and I was clucking and pushing like crazy to keep him going.  He'll have to build up to that if I'm going to ask him for it. 

Well, after a little breather, I asked him to trot again, this time asking for a hunt seat frame.  When I asked him to step up a little, he slid into almost a new gear of extension that I haven't felt him do before.  Wow!  Cool!  So, while I'm sure it won't be good for his back, I think asking him to do a little saddle seat work now and then may help him to build up muscles and loosen him up in a different way than what he's used to.  Who knows, maybe he'll decide he really wants to be a saddle seat horse afterall. . .

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