Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Sound Horse

I had a great ride on Louie tonight- for the first time in about two months!  His head/neck position was just a little bit inconsistent, but nowhere close to what he was doing at my last lesson.  He was moving out soundly and using himself really nicely.  Of course he was a little bit tired and deconditioned, but we'll work up to more endurance as we build up more strength again. 

We worked on some trotting poles/gymnastics that our friends were practicing as well.  It was set up for canter strides, but Louie and I mostly worked on it at a trot, but once at a canter.  He bucked/kicked at the little baby 6" jump once after jumping it when he bumped it with his legs- he said, "ow!  That hurt!"  That was pretty funny. 

We practiced our shoulder in, haunches in, and leg yielding at the walk and Louie did great.  The lateral work is pretty much picking up where it left off.  We also cantered briefly on both leads, and that was great too.

I was SO happy with him, we had a nice ride, he felt really good, sound, and moved out nicely.  I'm very happy to have my horsie back again!  I'm also excited to go to the MN Horse Expo tomorrow- a whole day of horsing and shopping!

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