Monday, March 28, 2011


Today we had Cordia out again to evaluate our saddle fit, since Louie, the big wimp, has had a sore back. 

I was surprised by what she found.  She found a dent/flat spot in the left panel where he had pushed all of the flocking away from the spine, that was actually causing that portion of the saddle to bridge.  I asked her how she thinks this happened, and she stated, quite frankly, "well I don't think he is bending to the left very well."  Hmmm, strange, because Marlene, our instructor, always comments on how much better he goes to the right and how he always looks stiff going to the left.  She has told me a few times how strange that is because most horses bend better to the left- naturally, because we handle them from that side.  But clearly we can see that he is pushing his spine to the left, preferring to hollow his right side. 

She put what seemed like a whole pillow's worth of flocking back in to fill out that spot again, then re-checked the fit.  I am hoping that this will make him more comfortable again, but I'm wondering why he hasn't been bending that way, as I didn't really notice that huge of a problem.  We will have to try to work on bending equally both ways, and maybe we'll have to have the vet/chiro out to check out why he resists bending in that direction.  Anyway, I'm going to give him another week or two off from riding, as he is still palpating sore, and it's been two weeks since I've ridden him- does that seem like a really long time?

On a good note, we found a great fit in a dressage saddle- the Thornhill Klasse, the one with the external block that I'm excited to try.  They have one at our local tack shop that I plan to try in a few weeks once Louie's back shapes up. 

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