Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lord of Leaping

Well I don't think Louie will make a show jumper, but he sure had fun free jumping tonight! 

We set up 3 jumps today, one by itself, and then a combination on the other side of the arena.  None were super high, but enough to actually make Louie pick up his feet and get a little work out.  It worked because he was steamy by the time he finished a few laps each way.

At first he refused the first jump saying, "Mom, really?  You want me to work that hard?"  But after I told him, "Yes Louie, over the jump," he practically aimed for them himself.  A lot of horses would work really hard to avoid going over the jumps, but Louie didn't even try to avoid them, even when he left himself a really short approach, he aimed straight for the jump and took them like a champ.  If I would go to adjust one jump, he'd take the other one on his own while I walked away.  I actually think he liked it.  Well that's good because I had fun watching him!  And, we got him to go both directions on all of the jumps this time; having 2 ground people with whips makes a big difference!

I caught a few blurs on my cell phone.  Not that these show his form or his expression, but you can see that there is a brown blur going over the top of the white blur.  Here is a "nice" shot of him going over the second jump in the combination. These were spaced just perfectly to give him some really good gymnastics, no stride between, just land the first and jump again.  I'm sure there's a jumping term for that- maybe I'll learn the jumping vocab someday.  Anyhow, this gymnastic exercise is good for his balance, timing, spacing, and great for his muscles.

Here you can see him getting ready to take off, getting his hind end tucked under him and ready to push.  He used himself much nicer tonight than what I've seen of him in the past- he often stops in front of the jump, then hurls himself over with his front end.  Tonight was more like a horse should jump, it was fluid and comfortable looking.
 Clearing the single jump on the far side. 
What fun!  Sometime I should bring my video camera out for this, then you can see what fun Louie has.


  1. Two obstacles with no stride between is called a "bounce". Jump, land, jump.

  2. aha! thanks for clearing that up for me! :) Makes sense!

  3. Your horse is just gorgeous!! He has the best markings :)