Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do Horses Care?

Every time I go to the barn to visit or work Louie, I pick out his stall (the few piles that have accumulated in the couple of hours he's been in) and re-arrange the bedding where he has pushed it to the side so that he's got plenty to stand on. 

Today as I was doing this, it got me thinking, does my horse even care?  Does he appreciate this or would he rather have his stall messy? 

Does he care that I scrub his buckets every week and feed him warm alfalfa cube mashes when it is cold outside?  Does he care that I dust his stall walls and make sure his mats are perfectly level? 

Well, I think he appreciates the alfalfa cubes, and I'm pretty sure he appreciates the freshly scrubbed buckets, but I'm really not sure about the rest.  Do you think your horses care about all of this fussing we do over them to make sure their living conditions are orderly and "comfortable?"  I think Louie'd rather be outside rolling in the mud.


  1. Well I know my horse would rather be in a muddy paddock with her buddies so she can roll... but I think it depends... I knew a horse that would not touch his hay if it was fed to him on the ground! Your horse sounds lucky to have you though :)

  2. Some do, some don't. My mother's horse will refuse to go into a dirty stall. He stops at the door and gasps as if to say...

    "We've been out all day, and housekeeping still hasn't been here to make up the bed! And look... there are still soggy towels all over the bathroom floor, and the trash hasn't been taken out. Management!"

  3. I suppose you can always take comfort that his physical body appreciates it, even if his mind doesn't. =)