Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Year In Review

Looking back, 2010 was a great year for Louie and me.  Between our training progress, new adventures, and successes, we really added a big chapter to our lives in the past year.  Let's look back from where we were this time last year to now, to really put things into perspective.

In the winter of 2010, we were mostly working on long lining.  We had taken about 5 months off from riding due to Louie having a sore back and left hind leg, and to give him a little time off to develop both mentally and physically.  Louie and I did a lot of cardio training together, me running around the ring on the end of the lines, and actually this is how we finally started to solidify our right lead canter. 

Louie discovered what "Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls" are, and he loves them. 

Louie had his first session of chiropractic plus accupuncture, and I think he liked that too. 

Louie and I started learning how to jump.  We still have a long way to go in this category, but it doesn't come overnight, and it's not Louie's strongest suit. 

We worked with a phenomenal carriage driving trainer, Steve Wood, and not only overcame our fear of the plastic sled on the sand,

but we officially "broke" Louie to drive- in a real cart. 

As it turns out, Louie loves to drive, and is very good at it. 

We met with Master Saddle Fitter, Cordia Pearson, who helped us to finally find a suitable hunt seat saddle (a nearly impossible task, so we learned).  We still keep in touch and Cordia loves to hear how Louie is doing with all of his adventures. 

Louie somehow made ground beef of his leg, and we had to skip a show I had wanted to attend. 

We got a new quick hitch harness, and we love it. 

Louie's leg healed, and he came back better than ever, worked some kinks out of the canter leads, and went to our first Saddlebred Show at the Washington County Fair.  We had fun splashing through the mud!

Louie enjoyed the dog days of summer while I was off at field trials with Jackson (the other child).  The days went by and summer faded into fall.

We went to the Octoberfest Horse show (another Saddlebred show) and Louie did great, made improvements in each class and even impressed the judge. 

In the fall after show season was over, we went trail riding at Lake Elmo Park Reserve with my husband and Jackson (the TWH "other" child) and Louie proved what a great and safe trail mount he could be.

As the leaves changed, we had a photo shoot (I haven't even posted all of these photos here yet, so this is a sneak peek) ala "Glamorista" with my good friend Karina Peterson, from k. noel photography (

We went on another trail ride with a big group from our stable- we dressed up in all the blaze we could find since it was opening deer hunting. 

As fall cooled into winter, we started taking dressage lessons with an amazing and successful rider and S-Judge (becoming an S-judge is no easy feat!), Marlene Schneider.  So far our lessons are going great, and Marlene and I really seem to connect.  The lessons we learn will not only benefit our hunt seat show ring performance, but will be overall very beneficial to Louie's health and condition. 

Wow, that is a lot to take in!  We've come so far in the past year.  Just imagine what 2011 will bring- I'm sure more dressage, jumping, showing, and driving!  Louie and I don't have a specific resolution for the new year, but to continue to have fun, learn, and enjoy one another.  Here's to a fabulous 2011!  Cheers!

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  1. Love love love this post!! I used to have a driving cart and now regret letting it go.