Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Louie Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This was tonight's theme.  Perhaps it was the 17 degree temperature outside, but Louie, along with most every other horse attempting to be worked tonight, was practically mistakable for a very large wild rabbit on a leash tonight. 

There were a few terrifying items in the arena tonight- some new jump standards, in their vertical torturous forms (the wand).  A tarp which wiggled and shook like the veil of a death eater (the cloak).  And some big blue barrels that not only were imposing in their sheer size, but also produced a hollow, eerie sound when touched (the stone).  Gathered together in the "scary" end of the arena, these items made half of the arena nearly impassable. 

After a few passes in the saddle, it was clear that there was no chance we were going to accomplish much of anything productive tonight, so we did a little lunging in the scary part of the arena- complete with leaping, bounding, bucking, kicking, galloping, and that wild eyed look of sheer terror in Louie's face- every time he passed the scary new items. 

He settled down after about 20-30 minutes and some in depth investigation where I searched the suspect items to try to identify the horse-eating monster lurking between them.  No such monster was found.  Louie was so incredibly relieved that he relaxed just a bit, but not even close enough to accomplish anything productive in our lesson tonight.  We did accomplish one thing though.  By the end of the evening, we were able to walk past the deathly hallows with only a slightly increased briskness in our step and one eye turned quite intently, searching for the evil lurking within. 

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