Monday, November 1, 2010

A Few Show Photos To Share

I am so very pleased.  I just received these jpegs from the photographer of both of our shows this summer/fall- Courtney Church. We have an 8x10 of the Octoberfest one (bottom) on the way and the other two are already framed in the house.

The first one was from one of the classes at Washington County.  Louie was afraid of the announcer stand that we were approaching, and scooted past it all day.  Here you can see him getting into his "Saddlebred" gear as we were about to approach the stand.  I look terrible as I'm telling him "whup! easy!" and he is not exactly in a hunter frame here ;) but I think she really caputred his beauty and expression well. 

Of course this one is from our victory lap in the ASB Hunter Country Pleasure class at Washington County back in August.  Not a huge accomplishment to beat one horse in the mud- as my husband says, but it was our first ASB show and it is a great photo. 

Lastly, our photo from Octoberfest in the ASB Hunter Country Pleasure Stake class.  We had 4 classes worth of photos to choose from, but this was my favorite.  She caught him in the right part of the stride and me sitting.  Unfortunately for the sake of my show photos, I always post on the correct diagonal in the show ring so the photos always either catch me on the "up" part of the post or with the wrong front leg forward.  The difference is slight, the chest looks better when it is more open with the outside front leg forward in the photo, but it's okay, this is still a good photo- Louie and I both look like we're doing our jobs well.  This was a really good ride too, so I'm glad to have a photo to remember it! 
No recent riding or training updates.  Today was tack cleaning day and that is a lengthy process!