Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Weekend

Well, I've been out sick the past 2 days and not really in the best mind to update Louie's blog.  He had a couple of big days last weekend, and we're waiting for a few pictures to post about our happenings.  On Saturday a friend from work brought her 5-year-old daughter out to the barn to ride Louie.  Laney is horse crazy but has never gotten to ride, and Louie did really well giving her a pony ride around the arenas. 

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to go on a trail ride with a few other people from the barn (6 of us all together).  It was hunting season, so we made sure to cover ourselves in blaze orange.  We rode in a regional park where hunting is not allowed, but the park is surrounded by farm land, and people can be stupid, so I wasn't going to take any chances.  Besides, Louie looks a little bit like a big deer with his brown coat and white at either end.  If he had antlers. . . well, here we are all decked out in more blaze orange/bright colors than we thought was possible!  It was fun getting him all dressed up- almost like being on parade! 
In case you can't tell, he had orange yarn in his tail, a few big pieces of fabric that I had left over from a sewing project- I draped one over his hindquarters like a quarter sheet, and tied another around his neck like a scarf.  I don't think there was any chance of missing us in this get up!  He was a really good boy on the ride- and led the way fearlessly.  He was definately happiest and most relaxed in the front of the group, but did well in the back or middle too.  He's probably just used to having to walk so quickly to keep up with Jackson and his walking horse gaits! 

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  1. Wow that's a lot of orange! Of course, I'd be doing a similar thing if I were in your situation - as-is I'm afraid to hack-out around my farm during this time of year, and my horse is grey! Louie looks great though!