Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Best Farrier in the World

Well, there could be better farriers out there, but I don't know any better than my farrier Pat.  Pat has been my farrier for the past 4 years, and I think he's wonderful.  He is very accommodating, has a fabulous fun sense of humor, does a great job with my horse's feet, and best of all puts up with me!  He came out this morning to work on Louie's feet.  He watched Louie move, both down the concrete aisle way, then on a lunge line in the arena, and Louie was looking a little better than yesterday- perhaps the 1 gram of bute I gave him last night helped? 

He hoof tested Louie, who wasn't particularly sore, but we opted to put some shoes on to help support his feet, and Pat adjusted them to account for Louie's different angles, placing the left front shoe further under his foot to speed his break-over and support the heel more.  After he finished, I lunged Louie again and he looked a little bit better even than he did before.  He's starting to look more like a normal horse and less stiff and goofy than he did yesterday.

I went out again this evening to see how he was moving, now 24 hours from his last bute dose, and Louie was moving pretty decent, even for being fresh out of his stall.  He's more willing to lower his neck, and moving more freely, and not lame on one foot vs the other.  I'm very happy and starting to gain confidence that the show this weekend is going to be a doable thing for us!  At this point I think we have nothing to lose- he doesn't look lame, has no obvious tenderness or swelling anywhere, so I see nothing to potentially worsen.  We'll just have to be careful and keep an extra eye on him at the show, taking extra precautions to keep him feeling good.  Yippee!!  Thank you Pat!

Pat is a little camera-shy, so here is a picture of Louie in his new shoes, and bell boots to help keep those shoes on!

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