Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis are in the midst of a monsoon, huge amounts of rainfall accumulated in the past 24 hours and more to come. . . needless to say this makes life with horses not quite so merry.  I don't think Louie minds so much, he enjoys rolling in the mud and splashing through puddles.  But me?  I don't care much for spending half my ride time cleaning the mud off of his legs and just trying to get him clean enough to work. 

We just had a short ride tonight, all of this rain has made the arena rather wet so not too much work to be done until it dries up some.  We worked on various speeds at the walk and trot, as well as our sitting trot, which is really coming along nicely.  We worked a little bit on some half-passing and full-passing, which Louie is starting to grasp.  I think this will be helpful to keep working on the lateral movements too so that he will truly understand that one leg on his belly means move laterally, not forward faster! 

I was thinking while I was riding that perhaps I would be interested in taking some more formal dressage lessons this winter.  The challenge with this is finding the right person who will understand that I do not want to compete in high level dressage and completely commit to riding a new discipline (at least not right now), but moreso want to incorporate dressage training into Louie's hunter training.  I would think that perhaps a trainer who works with eventers could grasp this concept, even though their riders actually do compete in pure "dressage," but I can't imagine that they ride terribly differently when jumping or hacking.  Anyhow, I am looking forward to possibly persuing this further over the winter, but for now, we have to focus on our next objective:  Octoberfest horse show in 2 weeks!

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