Monday, August 16, 2010

Spooky Wind!

The hot and humid 90 degree days we had last week have passed and the past two days have been beautiful, 70's with a nice breeze, and very little humidity.  Perfect weather in my opinion.  Apparently Louie liked the cool weather too as he was a little spooky today I drove him outside- first time I've worked him in a week actually (took our other 4 y/o walking horse camping last weekend).  I'm not sure if it was the wind, the cool weather, or if Louie was just feeling fresh from his week off after his show, but he was really spooky today, he jumped a few times at weeds blowing in the wind and at the squeaky gate at the back of the arena, which he has driven by countless times.  There were a few times I thought we might be in for it in the cart, but they were all short lived, a stride or two and then back to his usual self, just a little more wary than usual.  I tried to work him hard, really get him trotting hard and fast, in order to burn off a little extra steam, but his lazy side kicked in and he slowed down to a gentle jog in short order.  Another scary thing that happened today, my reins gave me a little trouble.  They're a tad long, and actually my right rein blew to the side and kindof got hung up in the axel of the cart, by the right wheel.  Luckily, Louie stood perfectly with constant pressure on his right rein while I freed the rein from the axel.  A second time the tip of that same rein blew towards the wheel and this time only made some funny noises as it brushed against the spokes.  Perhaps I should turn Louie's cart into a "motor cart" like we did with a card in the bike spokes as a kid- or perhaps not.  Haha

After we wore the edge off a bit, we worked on some agility, making figure 8's and doing barrel patterns around the jumps in the arena.  Louie's getting really good at turning in the cart, and I can't wait until my trace extenders that I ordered last week get here.  He really needs them- I'm so nervous he's going to hook a rein on the shaft when doing those tight turns.  The trace extenders are supposed to arrive on Thursday, keeping my fingers crossed! 

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  1. Yesterday was a fresh day here too. Grey trotted along wringing his neck around like a wild stallion. Ha! I looked at the car thermometer on the drive home... a frigid 79 degrees!

    Solution to your rein problem. When you get in the cart, gather the bight and stick it under a butt cheek.