Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jumping Jimminy!

Louie and I have been doing a little bit of jumping for fun this week.  Two days this week we jumped for our work-out, granted nothing over about 18", but we had a lot of fun!  Bjorn even wanted to come out to watch us on Friday. 

We have started taking our first fences from a canter, which Louie finds to be preferable to trotting them, and we are starting to learn about how to count strides, or at least get a feel for how far each canter stride will take us in relation to the jump.  Tuesday our friend Jordan helped us out and even took Louie over a few fences for me to watch, then Friday, Louie did a really nice job and didn't even knock down any fences! 

We're finding that doing a little bit of jumping is a great way to change up his routine and work on the canter without the stress and anxiety of working on transitions on the rail over and over.  Also, I'm hoping that he will start to associate being in the middle of the ring with doing the work, and walking calmly on the rail as a reward and time to relax.  :) 

Louie is definatetly not a Grand Prix talented jumper, but what I love about him is that he never refuses a jump (knock on wood)- the worst he does is plow through it if we have a communication error.  Otherwise, just aim him at it and he's willing and eagar to go!  Wee!

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