Saturday, August 7, 2010

He's a Show Hater

I swear my horse knows when we have a horse show scheduled, and purposely tries to spoil my plans. . .

Today we had a decent ride, then Louie got his bath.  While he was standing in the crossties drying, he couldn't take the fact that his hind leg was SO itchy, that he took it upon himself to itch it.  He got himself bent into a very nice C shape, really working his abs, then his feet lost traction on the damp concrete and he wiped out.  That's right, he fell while standing in the crossties.  I swear my horse has got to be really talented to accomplish such things. 

Well, he got up and was rather startled, stood still as a statue while I checked him over to assess the damage.  He had a chunk of hair missing off of his knee, but no big cuts under that at least.  He was standing on all 4's, which was good.  But his lips took the brunt of the damage- apparently he broke his fall with his face.  He had big (but thankfully thin) flaps of skin hanging off of his upper and lower lips that he had scraped off, and they were just starting to ooze.  I checked his teeth, which looked alright. I tried to look at the inside of his lips to see how badly he might have cut the inside of the lips (teeth tend to do some bad things to lips when people fall), but he wouldn't let me.  Oh well.  I put some antibiotic ointment on them, finished my work, then led him back to his stall.  He seemed to be walking comfortably, so we'll see if he's real stiff tomorrow.  He went right for his hay once he got in his stall and munched on that happily. 

So I felt better that at least Louie was eating after all of that drama and there was no significant damage.  I just hope that his little lips scab up and look okay for tomorrow.  The good part is that the damage was in a location that probably won't be easily seen by the judge- assuming he stays collected! 

Well, with that being said, horsey tucked in to bed for the night, I am off to get myself ready, including a refreshing shower and a good night's sleep.  We'll see what tomorrow brings!  Wish us luck!

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  1. This horse of yours really is injury prone !