Monday, August 30, 2010

Easy Peasy Mac And Cheesy

One of my favorite "lines" from a friend at work.  But really, it kindof describes Louie.  Not so much the Mac & Cheese part, but the easy part. 

Louie has been a little sore since our possibly-excessive jumping extravaganza last week, so we're taking it a little bit easy.  Coincidentally enough, Jackson, our 4 y/o walking horse gelding who is at Mel-o-Dee for a month somehow managed to hurt himself too (I think too many rollbacks in the pasture).  So, I've got two sore 4-year-olds who should be getting worked.  Well, Friday my husband and I went out to the barn to visit the horses.  It was a beautiful evening, so instead of letting our mildly lame horses sit in their stalls, we saddled them both up and went for a nice relaxing ride in the outdoor arena, just gentle walking for about 20 minutes.  This was a good chance for them to get out and stretch, and keep their minds mentally engaged in the fact that they are learning young horses, and work is expected of them.  Bjorn rode Jackson and I rode Louie. 

It occurred to me while I basically pony-rode Louie around the outdoor ring that he is SUCH an easy horse, so mellow and even tempered.  He wouldn't hurt a fly- well, unless it landed on his butt within tail's range.  On the rare occasion he spooks at something, but he never really loses his mind or tries to pull the wool over your eyes like some horses.  Really, he's a pretty safe and trustworthy mount- suitable for a child even.  That is a pretty cool trait, in my mind, for a horse to be safe enough for a child to ride.  It makes them so much more enjoyable and easily useable for a variety of people.  I don't think I've really ever had a horse that was child safe, except my husband's walking horse "Cash," and I'm realizing just what a great horse I have in Louie.  :)

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