Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing Like a Summer Bath

Tonight I had a little extra time to spend with Louie and seeing as though I don't want to ride him until he heals up a bit, I thought I'd give him a good bath- something he hasn't had in a very long time.  He needed a good scrubbing, with soap, from neck to tail.  Of course I avoided his injured areas and did an extended rinse/cold hose over those areas. 

While I was scrubbing him to a nice lather, I thought to myself- there's nothing like the happiness and summer memories brought by conditioning your horse's mane, fingers intertwined through his hair, massaging slimy conditioner into the crest, and enjoying some nice 'spa' time with your favorite horse.  I think Louie enjoyed his bath, but I know I did.  It is nice to give him a full bath once in a great while, when we don't have the stress of packing for a show the next day. 

Afterward, we enjoyed a nice leisurely stroll around the farm and a snack of clover and grass, then tucked in for the night to rest and finish supper- and I'm sure rolling and covering himself in poop was high on Louie's list of priorities.  Ahhh, summer. . . .

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