Thursday, July 8, 2010

Healing a Week Out

Well, healing or not, here is Louie's leg 1 week from the injury.  The swelling is now pretty much gone, but it still looks pretty bad, and is quite tender to the touch, so I went ahead and started him on sulfa.  Also, since I've been using ointment on it and it's been extremely hot and humid, it has stayed very soft, and has continued to ooze rather than forming a scab.  So, after cleaning it out really well as you can see here, we changed to using Blu Kote purple spray-on wound treatment with hopes that it will dry it out and help it to form a scab. 

Well, that was 2 days ago and so far so good.  It has a scab of purple spray over the top that cracks daily, and we replace on a daily basis.  There is no good way to keep this wrapped, so we'll have to continue with the air-drying.  I also picked up some Swat for him today and have been applying that as well, so now he's pink and purple.  :)  Very becoming on him.  I think these cuts/scrapes are going to hold back our show plans for this summer, but I'm still hopeful we might make it to a show at the end of July. 

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