Friday, June 25, 2010

Size= Large

I have never thought of Louie as a really huge horse. . . until today.  He wears a 74" blanket, doesn't have any problems fitting down narrow aisleways (chuckle chuckle), and seems to fit very well into average sized horse tack.  He has, however, rather sprung himself out in the rib cage in the past year or so.

I recently upgraded our work harness and purchased a new (used, but new to me) Schneider's quick hitch harness, with a few Walsh accessories (Tilburry tugs and reins).  I tried it on Louie for the first time tonight and it just barely fits him.  The bridle is let pretty much all the way out, the overcheck doesn't stand a chance of being long enough (good thing I don't really use one- and the bridle does have side-check rings so I can rig up my own side check), the breast strap is let all the way out, and the girth/saddle just barely fits on the last notch.  Suprisingly, he has plenty of room to lengthen the backstrap (I find that odd that that piece is the most roomy as Louie has a rather long back).  But alas, all of the pieces that I need do seem to fit, and I'm looking forward to trying out our new harness- it is very nice quality, and interchangeable as a bitting rig/long lining harness/driving harness, which should help to simplify our tack needs.  I'm looking forward to trying it out!  Now if only the harness had protective, fly-repellant properties, we'd be all set. 

In other good news, I think our saddle search is coming to an end- FINALLY.  The Saddle Fitter had me try one of her demo saddles, a Thornhill Berlin, and I think we've finally found what we're looking for.  It is an all purpose saddle, which is a little saddening, but the search for a close contact to fit my long legs and Louie's wide body was just impossible.  We have ordered a new saddle for me, and I will write all about it on another post when it gets here.  Hooray!

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