Monday, June 14, 2010

The Saddle Fitting

Well, today we had the saddle fitter out.  She was very nice and knowledgeable, but as I expected she didn't have a lot of great news for me- at least not news that I wanted to hear.  None of the 4 used saddles I had her look at fit Louie well.  Some worse than others for one reason or another.  So, she brought out about 6 saddles that she carries that she had thought might work based on our conversations thus far.  Of those 6 saddles, 3 of them were workable for Louie.  Of those 3, one was a very deep seated all purpose saddle that I just wasn't going to like.  Of the two remaining close contact options, after sitting in both of them it became clear that one of them was a far superior option, not only in fit, but quality, softness, and comfort- of course that correlated with the most expensive option- way more than what I wanted to spend. . .

Well, I have that saddle out on trial for a week.  It's a Smith Worthington Stellar Altair Close Contact.  It is a beautiful saddle- it's like absolute butter to sit in, soft and luxurious, and it seems to fit me well, but I'm not sure I can get over my mental price block. . . We shall see.  It's a good thing I've got a week to decide.

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