Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is it Munchausen?

Louie must have known that I finally got my new saddle in the mail on Monday.  I went out to ride him in it last night and was disappointed to learn that he had cut his back legs up pretty well earlier in that day.  I can not really figure out for sure how he did it, as he has cuts and scrapes of various shapes and sizes on both sides of both hind legs- over the hocks and cannon bones.  There are no boards down in his paddock, and his stall is in good repair, so it was a sneaky feat that my apparently accident-prone horse has accomplished.  The only thing I can think of is that he must have caught his legs on/under the fence when he was rolling in the paddock.  Silly goose, my husband wonders if Louie must need a bubble-wrapped body suit.  I wonder if he knew that I had my new saddle and was trying to create an injury to get out of work? 

Well. . . it worked- I've been very busy cold hosing, scrubbing, and NFZ ointment-ing his legs, and I don't think I'll be able to ride him until he heals up a little and the swelling comes down.  All of this cold hosing is really making me think I could use one of those leg soaking devices about now!

This is his left hock (looking from the front).  Nevermind the green appearance of the wounds- that was cell phone effect, he's got some white granulation tissue forming at the bases of the wounds that makes it look that way.  Well, here's to hoping he heals up really quick so that we can try out our new saddle!!

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  1. I hope Louie heals up quick! Watch for proud flesh. And don't over-ointment. I tend to want to pile on stuff, but the vet said that for mostly surface wounds/scratches and abrasions, just wash out with Novolsan (sp?) (an antibacterial) and let it heal. Most goops just attract dirt anyway.
    They sure are accident prone! My Boy had similar injuries last spring when he bucked near the wire fence and dragged his hind leg down along the top of it. My sister witnessed that one so at least I knew how he did it!