Friday, June 18, 2010

Driving Fly Frustrations

My husband came out to the barn tonight with me to drive Louie.  We warmed up in the indoor arena, hooked, then went outside to work.  My husband teased me about how much fly spray I put on Louie (I doused him in Ultrashield, then added an extra coat of industrial strength spray to "tail range"), Bjorn said it was windy outside and supposedly flies don't come out when it's windy out. . . Ha!

Well, just as I expected, the flies were terrible outside.  And Louie is the biggest fly baby ever.  I even took away his fly sheet this week because I decided he needs to get used to being bothered by bugs.  The instant we went to the far end of the arena, Louie's tail was all over the place, getting over my lines left and right.  Ugh!  My husband who was supposed to be watching us was talking on the phone and after about 25 minutes of fighting with the bugs, I pleaded with him to please hang up and take a couple of pictures of us so that we could be done for the night.  By the time he finally got off the phone, the flies were swarming like B-52 bombers.  I was on my last nerve between the slow husband and the flies and Louie paying more attention to the bugs tickling him than he was to my cues, but I was bound and determined that we must continue until I could get at least one picture, since I don't have any of us "off leash." 

Finally my husband came over to the far end of the arena where the sun was out to take a photo.  Louie got frustrated between trying to manage flies and me yelling at him to quit messing around and broke into a canter.  I was able to rein him in quickly and continue along as if nothing had happened, but we need to figure out something to manage these bugs so that Louie can concentrate on my cues and get productive work accomplished.  I may have to get a fly sheet or one of those darn fly nets afterall. . . Anyhow, he did manage to snap one nice cell phone photo of us:


  1. I had used Ultrashield for forever (still do) but added Endure spray this summer, and it seems to be helping a lot more. Not sure why...

    Good luck on your quest! And nice picture...

  2. Great picture! :) He's moving so well and his coat is so coppery in that light!