Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cool Item of the Month

This has virtually nothing to do with Louie, but I thought it was really cool, and would love to get one of these for him.  My friend boards out a few racehorses during the summertime.  Of course they are serious about conditioning and treating their horses ailments.  The other day we were out just after some of the horses were worked and we saw their leg soaking system, which is really cool!  The horse was standing in crossties, with a cooler on and a tubing system over the cooler that neatly draped over his back and wrapped around each leg just above the knee.  A slow stream of cold running water flowed through the hose, essentially cold hosing each of his legs from the knee/hock down.  They put any of their horses with a tendency to stock up in this system after working them- but instead of spending 30+ minutes cold hosing by hand, this gadget does it for you- now how awesome is that?  Apparently you can purchas the soaker coils from Big Dee's, and the trainer had put together a Y system to attach 2 together to do all 4 legs at once.  I have to admit I was super impressed and want one for Louie!  Of course he doesn't get worked as hard as those racehorses, and it might be excessive for his purposes, but WOW I am so in awe!   Photo here from showing one leg coil. 

In other news, Louie is driving very well- he got to drive with another driving horse for his first time on Friday night, and he did great.  Of course, this other Morgan mare that was driving is an old pro, and very calm and business-like.  Just right for Louie.  :)  However, he also had his first minor spook in the cart on Friday night.  I think it was a combination of a sudden loud noise coming from the barn aisle and the Morgan's owner putting her cart away, covering it with a tarp that raised Louie's attention just a bit.  All he did was take a few quick scooting steps at a trot (we're talking like 1-2 strides), then settle right back down and get back to business.  So that was very good. 

Tonight we had a very nice drive, and we even enjoyed the beautiful sunset and took a quick drive down the driveway all by ourselves- of course Louie was great.  Tomorrow we have got the saddlefitter coming out, probably to give us some bad news about our impossible saddle search.  I'm hopeful she can help us- if people can ride draft horses, QH's and Arabians, we ought to be able to find a saddle for Louie! 


  1. LOL! That soaker system looks like foder for Grey's worst nightmares! He hates water running down his legs. Heck, he's even one of those who can't stand the feel of SWEAT running down his legs! I'm also pretty sure I would have a heck of a time getting a leg in a soaker bucket so he'd better never hurt himself.

  2. well the running water thing might not go over so great for him, but it just comes out at a slow trickle, no spraying or splashing, which is what Louie doesn't like. Also They are super easy to put on and off- drape the connecter over the withers/haunches and the yellow parts are flexible, so you just uncoil it and wrap it around- like a telephone cord. Really easy on and off. I should get a picture of the racehorses and the way they have it rigged up. It's really neat.