Thursday, May 27, 2010

Them Darn Bugs

We hooked and drove for the first time completely by myself back on Tuesday, and Louie did fabulously- an absolute gem.  We started out indoors, and did several laps at a walk and a trot, practicing changing directions at the trot, and really working on our corners.  Louie did just great, so comfortable and relaxed, it was as if he's been driving his whole life.

After a little work in the hot sticky indoor arena, we moved outside to where it was cooler and a little breezy.  It was just before dusk and a storm was moving in off on the horizon, but Louie handled all of that really well, not a care in the world.  Also, he got the challenge of driving with two riding horses in the arena, and he did great with that, though they did not stay for long, so we didn't get to pass them or work around them very much. 

We only worked for about 10-15 minutes outside, until the bugs became too much of a problem and we had to call it a night (we had gotten a really good drive in anyhow, so it was a good time to end).  I had doused Louie with fly spray before we went out, but even still he kept swishing and swishing his tail at them, and kept getting his tail over my lines.  Luckily, he never got spooked or reacted badly to that, and nothing bad happened, but getting a line trapped underneath the tail is not a good problem to have. 

So now my task is to rig up a fly sheet for driving to prevent, or at least decrease the frequency of Louie's tail ending up over my reins.  I was quite suprised to find that there is not a jog sheet specifically made for insect protection.  There are a few companies making quarter sheets for riding, so I could use one of those, but I wonder how well they would stay in place under a harness.  Also, several companies make fly nets like this, but there is something inside of me, perhaps it is my long lost fashion sense, that is repulsed by the idea of wearing one of them.  I have some nice cotton mesh fabric that I was going to use to make a fly sheet anyhow, so perhaps this is the perfect utility for that!

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