Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Strike a Pose

Today Louie and I just did a little light lunging and went for a nice walk down the driveway. As we got about a quarter of the way down the driveway, Louie stopped, parked out, and stood up like a beautiful Saddlebred statue, eyes and ears focused on some people walking in the distance. At that moment, of course I thought- where is my camera when I need it!? Well, we trotted back to my car, grabbed my phone, then continued on our way. Louie stood and posed a few more times, but never quite as breathtaking as that first time. But we did get some very nice camera phone photos of the handsome boy!


  1. Always love seeing pics of your handsome boy! Beautiful! Look at that neck! His color looks so coppery and red in that light. Was it late afternoon or near sunset?

  2. thanks ladies, these were taken at sunset. Sometimes he makes me think that I really could use him as a saddle seat horse as I first intended. . . we'll see- for now we'll keep working on the basics as a hunter. But wow I love to watch a beautiful Saddlebred stand up proud and tall!