Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Latest Riding Video

Here is a short video that Sandy took of us at the end of our ride today. His first canter departures today were GREAT. Both of these in this video took 2-3 attempts as he was getting tired and anticipating/avoiding the right lead- hence why he is turned practically perpendicular with the wall when we finally depart- I need a crop I think as he is ignoring my inside leg. I wanted this video to determine if he still looked off at all, but I'm not really seeing anything obvious in this video. Of course, my eyes have been conditioned to how he moves, so maybe I wouldn't notice it even if he was off. . .

Anyhow, his right lead is coming along pretty nicely. This long line work has done wonders for him and he hasn't missed his right lead yet since we've worked on it under saddle! I've asked him probably 7-8 times in the past couple of rides, and he's taken it every time! Granted, he does occasionally add in a buck/kick as we depart, and often tries to anticipate/avoid doing it, but he has not taken the left lead when asked for the right in quite a while (knock on wood). I think he's really getting it! So now that he's actually cantering on his right lead, I'm not sure if these cantering issues are physical or behavioral, but he doesn't look like he's in too much pain in this video to me. . . what do you think?


  1. Looks great, Leah! Good news about the lead. I couldn't tell if he looked off either. I do think we get conditioned to how our horses move.
    I think Louie looks very smooth, and his trot is so nice and float. He is a really nice mover!

  2. Thanks Pony Girl! I like his trot too, but his canter is not very smooth, or perhaps I'm just not used to it because I haven't experienced it very many times. Last night we struggled with our lead, so we need to keep working on it. We have a vet appointment for tomorrow, so I'm really hoping he will at least do the lead a little bit for her. Otherwise I'm going to have to bring this video! lol