Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mud Management

Mud season is upon us. And with that irritating thick layer of dried pasture caked onto my horse's ankles up to his knees that takes seemingly forever to clean off, just to repeat the same procedure day in and day out, I felt it would be nice to share my technique for Mud Management.

Step 1: allow mud to dry

Step 2: gently curry with a jelly scrubber

Step 3: brush off any remaining dust with a coarse bristle brush

Step 4: spray generously with Show Sheen (hair needs to be completely soaked)

Step 5: allow to dry fully before turning out

The Show Sheen repels the mud and makes it much easier to remove once it does become caked on. The silicone coat on the hair does not allow the mud to cling so tightly to the hair and is slides off with much less effort.

The jelly scrubber is flexible and bendable, so it is perfect for grooming parts of the body that are not flat- such as the fetlocks and pasterns, where thick caked on mud forms the most.

And that's my Mud Management Methodology.

1 comment:

  1. Good idea with the Show Sheen! I never thought of coating them to help the mud not stick to the hair. Of course, don't coat where the saddle goes, LOL! :)