Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Bad Horsey Mommy

It's official. . . I'm a bad horsey mommy. I totally missed Louie's birthday last Thursday (March 11th). I'm sorry baby Louie, happy 4th birthday! Well if it's any consolation, I guess he got a feel good service for his birthday (see previous post). I also picked up a new Uncle Jimmy Hanging Ball at Fleet Farm the other day so I will give him that to make up for missing the birthday cake.

All hurt feelings aside, Louie was great tonight. I rode him for the second time since his treatment last week and he felt really good. Our hunter/jumper instructor even commented on how much better he looked this week compared to last week without even knowing that anything had happened between then and now. (thumbs up!) So that's a real good thing! Yay Louie! We worked on our extended and slow trot, we even cantered on both leads pretty well (no fussing or bucking). I need to continue to work on my legs- really dropping my heels down and keeping my toes forward- calves in at Louie's sides. This is a bit different than what I'm used to from riding saddle seat with the knees in tight and the feet turned out away from the horse's sides. So, more work for me, but Louie's doing great with our conditioning exercises.


  1. Oh you are not a bad horsey mommy! :) Louie knows you love him. I am glad to hear he is better after his adjustment!
    Why is that in saddle seat, the calves are off the horse? I have never asked my instructor that. She wants me to have my toes forward (almost in) and my knees/thighs rolled into the saddle. Sometimes I think it's hard to push the horse forward into the bridle without using the full leg. I guess I have a lot to learn! :)

  2. that's a good question Pony Girl. I'm not sure on the answer to that. Perhaps SmartAlex knows? I'll have to consult my Helen Crabtree Saddle Seat Equitation book to find out why that is. In saddle seat the grip is with the knee and thigh, whereas in hunters, they want a little looser knee, and more calf. I know on my last horse, you had to ride with your legs off of his sides because his sides were so sensitive if you acidentally touched him when you weren't expecting it you might go flying!

  3. Leah~ I just got that book! I bought it used on Amazon. I haven't read much of it yet though. Yes, I can't even use calf on the lesson horse I ride, I just turn her nose to the wall a bit and kiss and she canters. If I use any leg at all, she leaps forward, LOL! I will ask my instructor to explain it to me in two weeks, at my next lesson!