Friday, March 12, 2010

Alternative Medicine

I had a new vet out to look at Louie as I have been a little concerned that his hind end issues may be coming up again and I wanted a second opinion from the vet I had been using, granted he is an excellent vet, I just wanted another opinion. The new vet was excellent, very thorough, and read through his whole history, records, and a painstakingly complete list of every chronological event I could compile in Louie's health history.

She watched him in all 3 of his gaits on a lunge line and palpated his entire body very thoroughly. The good news is that he is not lame. The only part on his entire body that was remotely tender was his right front lower suspensory ligament- but he's not lame. She is trained in chiropractic and accupuncture, and treated Louie with both chiropractic adjustments and accupuncture to see if we can improve his cantering issues. He was a little subluxed in his pelvis, withers, and poll. Louie seemed like he really noticed this time when he was adjusted, I could see moments of discomfort and moments of relief, which I did not see the first time I had him adjusted.

Then she put a few accupuncture needles in him. He flinched a little bit when the first one went in, but after that he just about fell asleep. I swear you could see the endorphins coming over him. I had never had any personal experience with accupuncture before, and know relatively little about Eastern medicine, but I was amazed at the effect it had on Louie.

She also checked the fit of my saddle and inspected the tree. For being a $50 saddle, she said it actually didn't fit too bad, though it bridges just a little bit in the middle. His back is not sore in the least. In addition to all of that, she also helped me with some feed and supplement suggestons- now that is the whole horse approach! Louie now gets 2 days off, then we resume regular work with a re-check in 3-4 weeks.

So that is great news! I'm very happy to hear that she doesn't think he looks lame, and I can continue working and riding him. :) I am anxious to see how the treatments work for him. Keeping my fingers crossed. . .


  1. I am also very glad that Louie is well. He is a very good horse. I am sure that you will have great success and many great rides together.

  2. Thanks Henry! I agree, he's a really nice horse- that's why I want him to feel good and am so glad that he is doing that now. :) Yay! Here's to many rides across the street with you and Beau this summer!