Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doin' Time

Stall time, that is. Mean auntie Sandy is making Louie stay inside away from his buddies for a few days, and, he has to take yucky medicine. Oh the poor thing, you should have seen him today, absolutely heartbroken. I'm sure he must have thought that someone forgot about him when they let all the horses out this morning. He sure misses his buddies, and his run-around time.

Well, why this torture? you ask? On Thursday I noticed a little bit of swelling in one of his hind legs. It was worse on Friday, and he wasn't lame persay, just moving rather uncomfortably. So, our *nice* aunt Sandy came out to look at him and called the vet, who recommended a few days of bute and stall rest. So, we're unsure of what it is, and really it's mild to my minimalist eye, but I guess we'll listen to the experts.

Today the swelling was just about totally gone, so we're doing one more day of bute and stall rest and we'll see what he looks like on Monday. At least he got a new treat to keep him company!

1 comment:

  1. Your boy is so handsome! Isn't it funny to watch them work those balls! My horse just devoured one in about 3 weeks. Last time I got him one, it took him months. My sister's mares finish theirs in about 5 days. Considering they are $25 each, that is a spendy treat, LOL!
    Sorry to hear about Louie's swollen leg, I hope it's nothing a few days of rest won't solve. I just had the vet out to check on my horse's lameness. I think it's arthritis, so back on supplements he goes. I just don't want him to be uncomfortable.
    I had my fourth riding lesson today, second one on a Saddlebred mare. I'm starting to get her figured out! Still lots to learn, that is for sure! But really enjoying it.