Sunday, January 10, 2010

Too Cold to Work. . .

. . . so we're having a bit of fun instead!


  1. Oh, Louie looks like he's having a blast! I'm sorry it's so cold and I hope you guys get a break in the weather soon!!
    Since I have been home sick all weekend, I have been catching up on your blog from the beginning. It's been fun reading about your adventures of teaching Louie so many new things! The story about him bolting with the sled out of the arena gate and to the road, oh goodness, how scary! I am glad all ended well and he is progressing so nicely. I think he is SO handsome, and cute. Something about his expression reminds me of my horse's- it's so stinkin' cute and hard to resist! I bet you find that, too, LOL!
    Can you send me an email some time, I have a few naive Saddlebred questions to ask you! ;)

  2. Well hey, that right lead doesn't seem to be a problem at liberty. But he also doesn't seem to care about crossing leads and continuing on either. Goof head.

  3. yeah isn't that the darndest thing? It frustrates me to no end that he does it SOOOO willingly at liberty but puts up SUCH a stink about it on a line. . . He canters pretty easily on the wrong lead too, he can do a 10 meter circle on the wrong lead rather gracefully. Now if only he could do it on the correct lead. . . lol

    He switches the fronts pretty easily, has a little bit harder time switching the hinds, but he can do it- you can see him do it in the video. He's pretty content moving in which ever foot-fall pattern he happens to land in. . .