Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well I snapped a few photos of Louie today while long lining. This is quite challenging, as usually I have to give my full attention and use of all 4 extremities at the same time in order to bring out the best of his abilities, running along side him- not too close, not too far, rating my speed as well as his, steering, bending/flexing, operating the whip, etc. Mixing a camera into this whole ordeal was quite a challenge, though I was up for it since I've become fairly coordinated on the end of long lines. So, after a warm up, I *attempted* to snap a few photos. They're certainly not great, quite grainy quality due to the indoor arena, dust, and lighting, but I think you get the idea.
First, walking to warm up. . .
We work on a very long strided and loose walk, head held low, which always surprises me how low he is willing to carry it when you look at the line of pull from the bit to the terrets. I do give him verbal praise and acknowledgement for giving me a loose, low headed, free walk, so I think that's why he is willing to drop down despite the placement of the lines.
Trotting past the "scary end" of the arena, just about where the sky fell in front of him on Thursday. My line here almost looks like a lightning bolt headed straight towards Louie's feet, but rest assured, it's just the flash on the camera. Trotting more, this time along a straight away. I really didn't capture any of the photos that I wanted, as we have been progressing nicely to a low headed (which really balances out his back) arched neck with just a little better tuck on the nose, and a longer, more floaty stride. This does takes some work on my part to bring out, thus I am not coordinated enough to do this and photograph together. . . you'll have to use your imagination. ;)Lastly, here is Louie, standing at the end of the workout. He is very funny, when wearing blinkers, he always turns (just his head) to look at me once he stops to make sure I'm okay, and of course looking for approval. Now let's hope he doesn't scare himself when he turns to see the green meanie behind him! Oh, and don't worry, he's not on fire, the white "smoke" in the air is simply a result of cold MN weather, and my accelerated respiratory rate after running with my horse for 30 minutes. ;)

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  1. Those pictures turned out great! It's interesting to see what you are doing with him since it's so different from most training I've been exposed to. I think it is so cute how he turns to look at you! My horse does that too, he perks his little ears and stares at me so intently~ like, whatcha gonna do now? Are we done? Louie is looking so good, he's really filling out and growing up!