Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Feet! I mean New Year!

Louie got his feet trimmed today- just a little clean up on his angles. His feet are holding up really well with all the snow and ice we've gotten around here, and they look even better now after a fresh trim!

Louie also got to wear his new blanket for the first time today. It's a Schneider's turnout, midweight with a TOUGH 1680D ballistic nylon outer shell to stand up to the hard-core playing that he does outside with his buddies. It is a fitted turnout, so it conforms more to his body like a stable blanket. I really like the way that it fits him. My only one complaint about it is that I got the long-drop version of the blanket and it's not really very long, barely covers more than a stable blanket would. I think though, that is because they only put the longer drop on the larger sizes, so perhaps Louie's 74 did not qualify as one of the larger sizes and just has a regular drop. But it is a VERY nice blanket and I'd definately order it again! Here it is on the Schneider's model horse, no photos of Louie in it quite yet, though I assure you it will come!

We're in for a cold snap here, highs in the single digits for the next few days, so I decided a double layer of blankets might be nice for Louie, so I put his old blanket over the new one so that we preserve the new one and keep it looking as nice as possible. Once it warms back up to at least over 15 degrees during the day again, we'll take the outer shell off and he'll get to wear just the new one.

We've not really been doing any consistent work since it has been so cold outside, but we've done just a little free lunging and regular lunging. Louie has started anticipating the canter really bad while lunging to the right, to the point that every time we get to the part of the circle where I usually had been asking for the canter, he takes a couple of awful looking trot-canter-left-lead steps where it looks like he's lame, but really he's just trying to counter canter instead of trot. Ugh. On Tuesday I lunged him in circles for about 20 minutes to the right only, trotting only (after a walking warm up), and it took that entire time to get him to just trot square and even and not attempt to canter. Yikes this is not fun! Going to need to come up with a game plan to fix that in the new year! Until then, wishing all of my readers a wonderful new year (and a new decade)! Cheers!

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  1. I love his new blanket! He will be cozy and warm. I got my blanket from Valley Vet- it's the Brookside mid-weight turnout. It has a nice soft lining that wicks away moisture. The blanket has held up well. It is also a European cut so it's longer on the body and higher on the neck.
    Have a very happy and safe New Year's!