Monday, December 21, 2009

Full of P&V

Well I worked Louie for the first time since I've been back last night. Wow was he full of himself! I made the mistake of trying to long line him- well I should have started out just on a lunge line or something I think. . .

I had just gotten done talking with one of the other boarders at the barn about how Louie was really steady and wasn't really spooky, and that the "far end" of the arena that so many horses are scared of doesn't really bother him. . . well thanks Louie for making a liar of me! There were some new jump standards at the end of the arena and a little bit of snow that had blown in under the door- suddenly my steady, fearless, easy going Saddlebred turned into a brainless, frantic Arabian (no offense to Arabian lovers in the crowd, they were my first love too, they just tend to act a little silly on occasion). Snorting, scooting past the far end while drifting off of the rail and me counter bending him in an awful way to try to get him back ON the rail, and spooking at nothing because he hadn't been in that end of the arena lately.

Well we only had use of half of the arena since vaulting lessons were taking place during our workout, but we did a lot of trotting to try to take a little bit of the edge off. It was clear that Louie had become a little rusty in his time off, as it was taking a little longer to get that nice extended walk and slow, rhythmic trot that we had before I went on vacation. But eventually he settled down and at least tried a little bit.

Well, it's going to be a process once again getting him going nicely in the lines and eventually in the cart, and with the holidays just around the corner, I suspect it will not be until 2010 that we really start getting back into the swing of things.

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